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The Devines

By: Stellafella
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Last Reply: 6 Aug 2018 at 20:01 by: Stellafella

Does anybody remember the "Devines" they were pipeline welders but were working for Tony Bracken at Northern ArcFab on Trafford Park in the early 80's. Very good welders. I remember one of them drove a brand new BMW 635 I . He used to sit in it in his sack cloth work wear !

  • Stellafella


    Excuse my mistake ~ I am sorry to hesr about Tommy not Tony !

  • Stellafella


    Thanks for that Jim !


    Yes it was Tony with the BMW ! Glad you are all retired and well like me ! Sorry to hear about Tony ! He used to light his cigars with a large gas burner !

  • Jimbob


    Stellafella, I think you are talking about my 2 brothers Tommy and Albert, I am the younger brother Jim, I think the welder with the BMW could have been Tony Anderson, Tommy passed away 13 years ago, Albert is well and retired as am I,

  • worldsno2welder


    Ralph is still going strong but his younger brother John died suddenly some years back.Both from St Helens way and really nice fellas.Working at Murphys yard when I last saw them together.Ralph stayed on but must have retired by now.

    Ralph was always the better welder and John would not have argued with that...John was a mad keen squash player...fit as a butchers dog...so you just never know whats round the corner.

    Not many of the old pipeliners still in action but I did see Barry Carlton who was Ralphs pal a year or so ago.... he was still welding and knocking up pipe fabs well after retirement age...said he wouldn't know what to do with himself if he packed up and would continue till the micers gave up on him.